If you saw the photos from my shoot with baby Raelynn, you'll know that I made a rustic wooden flag for a backdrop. I wanted to share how I made the cute prop!

Acrylic Paint
Painters Tape
Foam Brushes
Star Stencil

How I Made it:

So first, I taped off the piece of plywood. I googled how many striped were on the American flag and then measured to figure out how far apart my stripes should be on the wood. I ended up making each stripe about an 2 inches. I also taped off a rectangle in the corner for the stars.

IMG_2212 copy.jpg

After taping, I painted the rectangle blue, and then alternated painting the stripes red and white. Then I realized I had a problem- the wood would be unpainted where the tape had been (sigh). So I let the flag dry overnight and then in the morning I removed all the tape from the board.

IMG_2218 copy.jpg
IMG_2219 copy.jpg

I then filled in by hand the parts where the tape had been. As for the stars, I could not for the life of me find a star stencil anywhere! So I improvised :) I drew a star on a piece of plastic and then cut the star out. It worked perfectly! I decided to only 13 stars for the first 13 states.

IMG_2221 copy.jpg
IMG_2223 copy.jpg

After letting the flag dry till that night, I took sandpaper and rubbed it all over the freshly painted board till it had the rustic look I was going for. Finally, I wiped the board off and it was done! Here's what the flag looked like finished:

_MG_8552 copy.jpg

To finish, I have to share this sunset shot my hubby got while we were painting. Just gorgeous!

IMG_2246 copy.jpg