Posing is something that can be hard to get right. You want a nice shot with a good pose, but you also want it to look natural. Here are some quick tips on posing (for shoots or at home)!

1. Pose with lighting in mind. Here we go, back to that lighting topic again! A good pose can help solve lighting problems, especially in that dreaded noon hour. Noon is when shadows are the harshest, but you can use them to your advantage! In this photo, the sun was creating a shadow right across her face, so I had her turn her head to the side. This let the shadow fall across the side of her face you couldn't see and gave more even lighting to the other side of her face. It also created a more dramatic pose than having her look straight at the camera.


2. Half pose. This is something that I always do with clients and it works with kids too! Position the person or couple you are shooting in a basic position (sitting with legs crossed, facing each other with foreheads together, leaning against something). Then from there tell them to do something natural. This could be anything from laughing, to playing with a flower, to whispering in each other's ear). This will give you a good pose with natural movement and facial expression!


3. Posing different personalities. It's always good to know the personality of the person you're shooting. If someone is more introverted, you don't want to make them do a dramatic pose- they will be awkward and the photo will look awkward! So, if the person is introverted, have them do something more natural and comfortable. But then there are those people that have model instincts and are extroverted. You can pose them a bit more dramatically and they will own it! :)


Keep these in mind whether you're shooting your kids at home or clients for a photo shoot!