When you’re photographing a wedding, a family, or even a personal event, you can get so focused on capturing all the main shots: the kiss at the ceremony, the posed shot of the family, your child blowing the candles out on their birthday cake. Of course, those shots are so important, however, the little things surrounding those big moments are equally as important! Today’s tip is on how to capture those little things.

1.    Find details. There are always details to capture. The candles lying on the table before you place them on your daughter’s birthday cake. The bride’s bouquet that she put hours into making. The matching shoes of the little girls in a family shoot. These details help tell the story of whatever you’re shooting. Look around you and find the details where you are.

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2.    Always have your camera ready. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to never turn your camera off, even when you think the moment is over! I’ve captured so many precious moments that happened after the “big” things did. Even if it seems like it’s a mundane moment- those are the things from the day that you probably won’t remember otherwise.

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Whatever you’re shooting, look for the details and pay attention to every moment! The little things help capture fully what is happening in your life or the lives of others.