Composition is important in your photos. You don’t want to end up taking the same shot 15 times in a row. This is something photographers tend to do when they are just starting out. They want to make sure they get the shot so they just snap away. Become more confident in your abilities and use these tips to create different shots.

Vertical vs. Horizontal: Flipping your camera around can change your shot easily. If you always shoot photos horizontally, try shooting vertically for a change.

IMG_0852 copy.jpg
IMG_0853 copy.jpg

Move the Camera: Sometimes it can be tempting to always have your subject directly in the middle of your shot. Move your camera so that your subject is on the left or right of your shot. Or even move your camera so that your subject is only in the bottom portion of your shot. This movement can create more interesting photos.

IMG_1877 copy.jpg
_MG_7892 copy.jpg

Move Your Subject: Instead of having your subject do the same thing in every photo, change their position just a little. Move their head, arms, or legs just slightly and it will make a huge difference in your shot! In these three shots below, you can see that their basic position is the same but their heads are turned slightly different in each shot.

IMG_1496 copy.jpg
IMG_1499 copy.jpg
IMG_1505 copy.jpg

Move Yourself: Don’t be a statue when you shoot! Move yourself to shoot your subject at different angles. Shoot from the side of your subject. Shoot from above your subject. Shoot from below your subject. Don’t be afraid to move! In these two shots below, I took a shot from above and then switched my position to be directly in front of her.

IMG_2857 copy.jpg
IMG_2864 copy.jpg

Different composition can change a boring photo into a unique and creative one!