It's August 2013 and my hubby and I are finally moved in and settled in our new house (with a new puppy!). Thank you for being patient while I've been missing from Facebook and the blog! Today's tip is what kind of gear to get. I'll share with you what's in my bag and my recommendations for those of you just starting out.

What's in My Bag: 
Cameras- Canon 5d Mark II & Canon 60d
Lenses-  28-77mm 2.8 (wide angle)
              Canon 50mm 1.4 (fixed)
Other- Multiple memory cards, 2 external flashes, extra batteries

That's it! My bag is small but essential. My camera can handle very very low light situations with ease to give me the best photos. I shoot with the 50mm 1.4 for EVERYTHING. It is a fixed lens so you have to move closer to your subject instead of zooming in. However, the fixed focal length gives wonderful blur to your backgrounds and lets in a lot of light! And lastly, my memory card is big enough to last through a whole wedding.

Now for those of you just starting out, I would recommend the Canon Rebel T3i. This is a very good camera for beginners. I started out with a similar camera and it allowed me to learn how to shoot in manual and get better at my photography for an affordable price. Some of you may ask, "why not Nikon?" Personally, I just like Canon better! Nikon's D3100 will offer you about the same as the Rebel.

For a lens, I recommend just getting the lens that comes with the Canon Rebel T3i. It's a standard 18-55mm lens that is great for beginners. After that, I'd recommend the 50mm as it works for every situation!

I hope this helps you with your photography purchases and as always, I'm always available for questions! :)