Tip Tuesday is back! I apologize for its absence the past month and I thank you for being patient!  Can you believe it’s September already? Summer flew past and I’ve hardly had time to realize it!

Today’s post is about posing. I know I’ve already addressed this before but I’ve gotten a lot of requests for some more tips!

I’m going to go over posing individuals today and then next week we’ll discuss posing couples!


Whether you’re posing a guy or a girl, the most important thing is to make them comfortable. The best way to do this is to talk to them! Tell them how great they look, talk about why you’re shooting the way you are, or ask them about themselves.

_MG_5944 copy.jpg

Another way to make them comfortable is to give them something to hold or touch. If you’re shooting a wedding, this should be fairly easy to do as the bride has a bouquet and the groom can fidget with his tie. However, if it’s a portrait session (or just personal shooting), I suggest using props. This can be anything from a child’s favorite toy to vintage suitcases to a simple hat. When they hold or touch something, they will naturally relax since it gives their hands something to do.

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You can also give them a “scenario” to help them picture what you are picturing for their photo. For example, you can tell them to picture themselves waiting at a train station for the next train to come and pick them up.

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Or you can tell them to look off into the distance as if they are dreaming of a far off place.

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Posing others can be intimidating but if you keep these in mind and continue to practice, it will be become more natural to you and those you’re photographing!

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