I've been looking for a vintage style lamp for our living room, but nothing at any of the home stores caught my eye. Finally, I found an adorable hobnail, milk glass lamp for $4 at a consignment store! I got the lamp home and found out that it didn't work. But for $4 it was still well worth the buy! I rewired the lamp and recovered an old lampshade to top it off. It was way easier than I thought it was going to be! Here's how I did it:

What you need: Lamp base

                          Lamp cord kit


                          Phillips head screwdriver


                          Hot glue

Step 1: First, I took the lamp base apart. This was super easy- I just unscrewed the parts.

Step 2: Next, I pulled out the old lamp cord. It was attached to the socket so I had to cut the wire to separate the two. I then threw away the old parts. 

Step 3: I put the lamp base back together and threaded the new lamp cord through the hole in the bottom. Once I got it through the top, I made sure I had about 2 inches of cord poking out to work with.

Step 4: Now, take the socket and separate it from its base (it should just pull right off). Screw the socket base onto the lamp using your hand.

Step 5: With the cord poking out at the top, I split the cord into two wires and then tied an underwriters knot. To tie the knot, pull the left side behind the cord and the right side in front of the cord. Pull the ends of the wires through the loops made. Make sure to pull the knot as tight as you can. It should look like this:

Step 6: Take the socket and slide the inside part out of the shell. Locate the gold and silver screws on either side of the socket. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws a little bit. Take the ribbed wire and wrap it around the silver screw. Then take the plain wire and wrap it around the gold screw. Tighten the screws as much as possible.

Step 7: Pull the cord down from the bottom of the lamp, to create less slack at the top. Then push the socket down into the socket base.

Step 8: Screw in a light bulb and plug your lamp in to give it a test!

Now onto the lampshade...

Step 1: First I measured out my fabric (leftover from my recovered cane back chairs!). I rolled the lampshade across the fabric and marked the shape, leaving excess to fold over the edge of the shade. 

Step 2: Next, I hot glued the edge of the fabric to the lampshade. From there, I rolled the fabric tight around the lamp shade and glued the opposite edge. I then started at the bottom of the shade and folded the excess fabric over the edge. I hot glued the fabric to the inside of the shade.

Step 3: Once the entire bottom was hot glued, I moved to the top of the lamp shade. I started hot glueing the same way I had done on the bottom. When I ran into the metal parts of the shade, I made a small cut so that I could fold the fabric around them.

Step 4: I finished hot glueing the top of the shade and then cut the excess fabric from the inside.

Step 5: I realized at this point that i had a small hole where the two ends of fabric met. To fix this, I folded some excess fabric and glued it into place to make a small strip.

Step 6: I hot glued the strip along the point where the two edges met.

And that's it! The shade was finished. Here is my completed lamp!

The lamp cost $4 and the lamp cord kit cost $6. Using leftover fabric and an old lampshade saved me money so that I only spent a total of $10 revamping this lamp! I'm loving it in our living room.