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Europe | Part 3 Back in London


Here are Parts One and Two, if you haven't seen them yet. 

Saturday morning, we headed back to London on the Eurostar. We grabbed some lunch at a bakery across from Gare du Nord and listened to a traveler playing the piano beautifully on his makeshift suitcase piano bench in the waiting area.

We arrived back in London later that afternoon and took a taxi to our final airbnb. I'll mention here that I loved the British taxis! They felt like stepping back in time and all our cab drivers were friendly and funny. We headed straight to an area called Covent Garden via the tube. We didn't have enough time our first 2 days in London to figure out the tube but this half in London we did! One of the best planning decisions I made was to get visitor Oyster cards for us. We put $30 on it for our trip and it was just enough to travel on the tube for 3 full days. The tube was so easy to use and navigate that Joe and I actually really liked using it to get around.

Covent Garden was full of shopping, food, and street performers that we thoroughly enjoyed. It felt very British with smaller roads, tiny shops, and locals everywhere.

Joe found a cigar and pipe shop named Segar & Snuff that reminded me of the wand shop in Harry Potter.

Joe got a handmade pipe here as his souvenir from London.

In Covent Garden, there is a small part called Neal's Yard. It's a colorful, quaint little section and is where we ate dinner.

Homeslice Pizza was a wood fired pizza place with the most amazing pizza I think I've ever had. We all split a huge salami, rocket, parmesan pizza and enjoyed talking with the locals seated at the table with us. 

After dinner, we walked around the area some more and watched the street performers. 

On Sunday, we headed straight to the Tower of London. I highly suggest the Yeoman Warder's tour here. It was so interesting and very entertaining! We loved it.

We of course stood in line to see the Crown Jewels and then climbed our way into the Bloody Tower. For lunch we got bratwurst on fresh baquettes from a little cart at the Tower of London. Next, we made our way over to Buckingham Palace. This was something we felt we needed to see for our first time in London but you really just look at it and then leave.

From here, my parents headed to the Churchill War Rooms and Joe and I left for Kensington Palace. At the station where we got off, there was a Tardis looking police box so I had to get a photo! 

We then took the tour of Kensington and saw a few different sections of the palace.

It ended with a display of the fashion from Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana. I loved this wallpaper in the hallway!

It turned out to be a nice day so we enjoyed the gardens. Everywhere in London you could rent bicycles and return them at many stations throughout the city. We rented some at Kensington and rode around the gardens for a little bit. We watched families having picnics, getting ice cream, riding bikes, and riding a small carousel. Joe and I concluded that we would definitely come here on the weekends if we lived in London! 

We met back up with my parents at The Volunteer, a pub on Baker Street. I got the roast beef and potatoes, but it wasn't my favorite on the trip. Since we were right next door, we had to take a photo of Sherlock Holmes address 221b Baker Street.


From here, we walked up to Abbey Road since Joe is a huge Beatles fan. This was disappointing since a large group of people were on either side trying to take photos along the crosswalk. Joe settled for a photo in front of Abbey Road Studios instead!

We were all hungry for dessert so we headed back to Covent Garden and got Shake Shack milkshakes. Not very British but delicious! That night Joe and my dad headed to a local pub while my mom and I relaxed at the flat. 

Our last day in London came much too quickly. We woke up early and took the tube to Westminster Abbey. We ate breakfast first at an attached restaurant called The Cellarium Cafe. I got the french toast and bacon and Joe got a bacon sandwhich with a pot of earl grey tea. We took the audio guide tour through Westminster and enjoyed learning about the history of the place and who was buried there. 


A local had told us to check out Camden Market so we did around lunch time. It was hectic and reminded us of Chinatown in NYC. None of us really enjoyed it so we left after only 45 minutes. I wouldn't recommend checking it out. We also tried to head to Leadenhall Market but this was closed because it was a bank holiday. By this time we were ready for lunch so we stopped at Temple Brew House.

We knew we wanted to do some shopping on our last day so we headed back toward the Covent Garden area again. Did I mention we loved this part of London? A few of the shops we enjoyed were Cath Kidston, John Lewis, Topman, and an area of old bookstores including a shop called Alice through the Looking Glass (this was closed but it looked very cool through the window). I got an adorable tote bag and dishtowel from the gift section of John Lewis off of Oxford Street.

Joe and my dad got some cool British icon socks from Topman featuring airplanes, taxi cabs, and the british flag.

After we were done shopping, we were ready for dinner. Our final dinner in London was at Nandos which several people had recommended to me. We all split a lemon & herb roast chicken with french fries. It was very good and one of the only places we visited with free drink refills! For dessert, we found a Wafflemeister and got delicious waffles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

On our way back to the flat, we made one last stop for me. King's Cross Station. I had to do the nerdy thing and get a photo at Platform 9 3/4 to end our last night.

It didn't rain one drop on our whole trip, but as we took off to head home it started raining. We couldn't have asked for a better trip! We all loved London the best, even though Paris was great, and Joe and I said we would definitely move to London for a year if we could. I'm already thinking about where we could travel to next :)

To recap, here were our top 5  things from London and Paris:


  1. Food
  2. Saint Germain de Pres
  3. Seine River Cruise
  4. Perfume shop
  5. Eiffel tower and Paris at night


  1. Covent Garden
  2. Bath
  3. Tower of London
  4. Kensington Palace
  5. The pubs



Europe | Part 2 Paris


If you missed Part 1 of our trip, click here.

We took the Eurostar to Paris on Wednesday morning and arrived around noon. We took a taxi to our airbnb and settled in. While we were in Paris, we mostly walked or took a taxi as multiple people had advised me not to do the metro here. The first thing we went to see was the Eiffel Tower. I knew it was big but you don't realize how big until you are standing under it!


We grabbed a sandwich from a cart by the tower. We were surprised in both London and Paris how good the tourist food was and reasonably priced at the historical sites. Joe and I split prosciutto, cheese, and pesto on a fresh baguette. While we ate, we overlooked the Seine River and watched the boats float by. Our tickets for the Eiffel Tower were for 3:30pm so we got in line after eating. We took a lift to the second floor of the tower and overlooked Paris. We contemplated taking the stairs to the top of the tower but it was very crowded and we were already tired, so we were content with the second floor.

From here, we walked over to the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs de Elyse.

I loved all the cafes in the middle of the sidewalk here where you could stop for crepes, or coffee, or a meal. Continuing down the Champs de Elyse, we passed all the expensive stores including an Abercrombie and Fitch with an entrance fit for a palace.

By this time we were all worn out from walking so we took a taxi to dinner. However, when we got there at 6pm, it wasn't open yet! We realized the French eat dinner much later than us. While we waited for the bistro to open, we wandered around the area and watched local kids playing a game of soccer; their field was the courtyard of a church and their goalposts were the trashcans and streetlights. These small things really made it feel like you were in Paris.

Finally making it back to the restaurant, Bistrot Victoires was our first dinner in Paris and it was AMAZING.

Being a small, French bistro we were nervous they only spoke French. Thankfully, our waitress spoke English and they even had an english menu for us.

This was my favorite meal in Paris. I got the roast chicken in au jus with creamy mashed potatoes and for dessert I had prolifertole (small creme puff shells filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce and almonds). I was in heaven.

Joe also got the chicken but he opted for the creme brûlée for dessert and loved it.

We found out this night that Versailles had a strike going on and we wouldn't be able to go the following day. We were all a little disappointed but had a lot of other things on our list to see in Paris! Instead, we started the next day at a small bakery called Maison Bastille for breakfast.


This place was adorable with floral wallpaper and a chalkboard wall.

My parents and I ordered hot chocolate and it was my favorite in Paris. They brought us a cup of steamed milk and a small bowl of dark chocolate to mix together- how cool!

I went on a chocolate overload and had a chocolate chip cookie slice with my hot chocolate.

From here, we headed to Victor Hugo's home and visited a few of the shops around it. We found a small perfume shop called Parfums et Senteurs du Pays Basque (I was told it was somewhere here by a friend) and immediately started talking with the shop clerk. He talked to us for a little bit and then picked out a scent specifically for each of us. The 3 scents he picked for my parents and I were spot on and would have been exactly what we would have picked ourselves. Joe didn't care for his scent much, but hey 3 out of 4 is pretty good! My parents and I picked up our scents as our Parisian souvenirs. My scent was Un Jour a Biarritz and smells like sweet flowers. This was one of our favorite experiences in Paris.

Next, we headed to the Louvre. Just seeing the outside of this was spectacular. Inside, we split up from my parents as we all wanted to see different things. Joe and I wandered the Italian paintings and found the Mona Lisa and some other work by DaVinci. We then found ourselves in the decorative section in a grand and ornate room which held jewelry, pottery, and other trinkets. Joe and I ended our time in the Egyptian part looking at the great Sphinx which weighed about 12 tons. It was already well past lunch time when we finished so we grabbed food here. Again, for tourist food, it was great! 

On the way to Notre Dame, we stopped in Shakespeare and Company, an adorable little bookstore with sliding ladders and nooks and crannies full of books.

I just had to take this photo since I'm in love with Beauty and the Beast. 


Notre Dame had a line wrapping around in a circle. While we waited, we smelled fresh bread wafting over from a bread festival that was going on next door. The architecture of Notre Dame was incredible and we sat down for a little bit inside taking it all in. 

Saint Germain De Pres was another of our favorite areas in Paris. We walked around the shops for a little and I bought a handmade journal at a little shop. 

We ate dinner in this area as well at a restaurant called Le Relais de l'Entrecote. When we arrived and found a line out the door, we knew we picked a good place.

This restaurant serves a fixed menu that is always the same. Fresh bread, salad, and steak with french fries. For a meat lover, this was the place to be. The steak came with an Au Poive sauce that we all raved about after.

They even brought you a second portion of the steak and french fries and we ate every bite! For dessert we grabbed gelato at a place called Amorino. Delicious!

We ended our second night in Paris with a Seine River Cruise. We relaxed on the top of a boat while we floated up and down the river seeing the city of lights. 


For breakfast on Friday morning, we ate at Miss Manon, another small bakery closer to our flat. I had the quiche lorraine, a pain au chocolat, and a hot chocolate. I'm pretty sure every bakery in Paris is amazing. 

Midnight in Paris is one of our favorite movies so we had to find some of the spots used in the filming. First stop were the steps Owen Wilson sat on as the old car pulled up to take him to the 1920's.

Next, we went to Le Polider, where his character sits and talks with Ernest Hemingway.


We were right by the wall that was in the film!

We tried to eat a mid day snack here but we had a very rude waitress who did not speak english and wouldn't let us just order cokes and a snack. We left and decided to walk through Luxembourg Gardens. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed taking in the scenery.

We hadn't eaten lunch yet so we decided to get crepes. Joe got the nutella and banana crepe and I got the plain nutella one. They were so good!


While we were sitting eating our crepes, I was talking about a shop I had heard of that I wanted to visit. We didn't have an international phone plan so we were using good old maps to figure out where to go. We walked about 2 miles to where we thought the shop was with no luck. After asking a local, they said there was one by the Arc de Triomphe. We hopped in a taxi and ended up across the street from where we had crepes. We had stared at the shop while we ate and didn't even notice! We definitely laughed about that one. 

We went back to the Arc de Triomphe so that we could walk through the tunnel and stand underneath it. Joe and my mom commented how unsettling it was to stand where Hitler had stood so many years ago. 

With a little more time on our hands before dinner, we walked to Galeries Lafayette. This was so crazy! It had about 7 floors with an ornate glass ceiling and everything was so expensive. People were everywhere and there was no where to sit or space to even really stand to the side. 

We took a taxi to dinner at Bouillon Chartier.

We were seated at a table next to an adorable young french couple who were visiting Paris on holiday from school. They both spoke fairly good English and we enjoyed talking with them during our meal. Overall, this was our least favorite food that we had in Paris. I had the roasted chicken with french fries and my chicken was very dry and not flavorful. For dessert we had to stop at Amorino again as it was right across from our restaurant. After dinner, my parents called it a night and went back to the flat. Joe and I decided to walk by the Eiffel Tower at night and along the Seine River.

We ended up at the bridge used in Midnight in Paris and talked about our favorite things from the trip so far.

It was the perfect end to Paris.


Part 3 of our trip will be coming to the blog tomorrow!




Europe | Part 1 London

Well, we're back home and having major Europe withdrawal. We absolutely loved our trip to London and Paris! I wanted to blog about our trip so that I can remember every detail that was magical and wonderful to me, so here we go! We landed in London around 9am on Monday morning. As soon as I landed I knew I liked London. There were adorable small grocery stores in the airport with fresh flowers and even the toilet signs were cute. We checked into our airbnb around noon (p.s. all our airbnbs were wonderful and I would highly recommend them!) and then went out to start exploring. Except, we had no idea how to get around. We took about an hour just to figure out what bus or tube station to take us to where we needed to go. It definitely takes a little time to get your bearings in a new city. By this time we were starving for lunch so we stopped in at a little pub we found called The Edgar Wallace.


This was one of our best spontaneous decisions of the trip! Our waitress, Janet, was a hilarious and kind British lady who made us feel so welcome. Joe and I got the sausage and mash, which was delicious, and my parents got the fish and chips. Janet also recommended a beer for Joe to try and it was his favorite of the whole trip. 

After finishing up lunch, we walked over to Millenium Bridge and then took a bus over to the Tower of London. Unfortunately, we ran into heavy traffic and by the time we got there, it was 30 minutes until closing. Our tickets were good for 7 days, thankfully! Since we had time we headed over to Parliament and Westminster Abbey to walk around and take some photos. 

We had tickets for the London Eye that night so we decided we had better start heading there since we didn't know our way around yet. This is also a good time to mention that there aren't many public bathrooms to use in Europe and a lot of them have you pay to use them. We walked all over trying to find one near the London Eye. For the rest of the trip, anytime we were near a free one we took advantage! For dinner, we went to The Sherlock Holmes Pub. Joe and I split pulled pork sliders and fries. This place was just ok and I wouldn't recommend it even though it looks cool.

At sunset, we got on the London Eye and rotated above London for half an hour. This was a great activity to get to see all of London.

Tuesday was our day trip to bath. We took a train and got to Bath around 9am. As we stepped out of the train station, we all knew we had made the right choice for a daytrip. Bath has small winding streets with historic buildings and a feeling of Jane Austen in the air.

We walked into the first cafe we saw, Cafe Au Lait, and had coffees and pastries. My pain au chocolat here was my favorite of the whole trip (yes, even above paris!). We headed directly to the Roman Baths after this and really enjoyed walking through and hearing the history of the place. We even tried the water at the end!


Next, we walked along the Royal Crescent (which felt like Elizabeth Bennet could walk up to me at any time) and explored some shops.


My favorite shop was a tiny bookstore called Bath Old Books. I fell in love with a 1st edition Mansfield Park that was a light blue with gold embossing. Sadly it was much too expensive, so I settled for browsing all the beautiful books instead.


I also loved this little shop full of antique sewing machines in the display window!

We ate lunch at the Bath Brewhouse. We got chicken caesar sliders that were top notch.


After thoroughly exploring Bath, we took the train back to London and rested a little. For dinner we went to Smollensky's Bar and Grill. This was an ok restaurant but we liked that it was one block down from our theater to see Funny Girl.


When we sat down in the theater, we noticed little binoculars in front of us which you could rent for the show. I loved this little detail and also the fact that they had little ice creams you could get during intermission! 

This marks the end of the first part of our trip (we went back to London after Paris). In the next post I'll talk about what we did in Paris and then finish up with a third post talking about the rest of our time in London.



Sassyfras Studios Folk Retreat

As a photographer, I choose one thing every year that will help me grow and better my business. My husband can attest to the fact that I had been waiting and waiting for Sassyfras Studios to do another photography workshop since I had first met them in 2012. So as soon as their post about a folk retreat in Wilmington NC went up, I knew that would be my pick for 2015! 

Walker World

Walker World

We stayed at Walker World Artist Retreat- eclectic, colorful, and built by hand, it was an inspiring place to learn and grow together. But the place isn't what made the retreat one of my highlights of 2015. The first night of the retreat we sat and had a yummy dinner together and then gathered on the floor to make flower crowns. We talked about photography and the struggles we had with it. I felt so connected to this group that I had only known for about 3 hours. I already knew the rest of the retreat would be an incredible experience.

Inside Walker World

Inside Walker World

The next day we snuggled up inside while the rain poured outside. We listened to Christen and Lauren (Sassyfras Studios) talk about their experiences and their hearts for what they do. We explored the house, had fun taking some photos, and snacked the afternoon away.

The third day was shooting day. Christen and Lauren set up two amazing sessions for us to watch them capture and then get to capture ourselves! The first was a cozy, indoor session complete with sweaters and hot drinks. In the afternoon, we wandered around Wilmington to practice what we had been learning (Aka we had the best models: each other!). The second shoot was on a beach at sunset with so many lovely details that Christen and Lauren had put together. Everything from the dress, to the location, to the props and poses were setup by them! We hopped in every once in awhile to try a pose but honestly, a lot of us just wanted to take it all in! It was an inspiration to get to shoot creatively in glorious golden hour with a perfect setup. But this also wasn't what made the retreat special.

Christen and Lauren showing a pose (My couples know that I do this too ha!)

Christen and Lauren showing a pose (My couples know that I do this too ha!)

Our first shoot of the day

Our first shoot of the day

Exploring Wilmington

Exploring Wilmington

Does this remind anyone else of Pride and Prejudice?

Does this remind anyone else of Pride and Prejudice?

Golden hour, you have my heart

Golden hour, you have my heart

The last morning we all said our tearful goodbyes and packed up our cars to head home. I had been ready for 4 days of learning and shooting, but what I wasn't ready for was the amazing group of girls that attended the retreat with me. Being in the wedding industry can get discouraging at times because of the competitiveness between vendors, thinking your work might not be good enough, and dealing with stressful situations. Every girl at the retreat was an encouragement to be around and Christen and Lauren are two very special women who I am honored to know. The biggest take away for me, and one that the Lord has been teaching me all year, was that what we do is about people. Life is all about people. And the people I got to know at this retreat have made my life better.

Enjoy these snippets of what I captured, 




A Parisian Anniversary

I LOVE planning things. And crafting. And Europe. So putting this night together was so fun! Joe and I have been married for three years. We have a lot of things we want to do together and one of those things is traveling to Europe! We haven't gotten around to planning or specifically saving money for it yet so I thought a good way to start would be to celebrate our anniversary Parisian style! 

My goal was to make it feel like a small cafe in Paris. I ordered a checkered tablecloth from Etsy and set the table with a chalkboard easel sign from Target, menus that I printed, roses in a vase, and tealight candles. 

I also made an Eiffel Tower. My painting abilities are quite limited (I'm usually the person who does solid colors and no patterns at pottery painting places for fear of it turning out horrible). However, I found a pattern online that was a more artistic take on it that I painted onto some posterboard and cut out. 

While I was at target picking up some string lights, I found some striped bunting that I thought looked Parisian and then stenciled Bonjour onto the bunting in gold paint.

I put out some photos from our engagement session with Sassyfras Studios since it was Midnight in Paris themed and then put a Benny Goodman record on. 

Joe and I agreed to just do cards this year, so of course I picked out a Paris card from Rifle Paper Co. 

For dinner, I put out french bread, cooked steaks and baked potatoes, and made homemade creme puffs for dessert.

I even dressed our pup Gatsby up for the occasion :)

We enjoyed a nice dinner, then started researching and planning for a Europe trip. We ended the night by watching Midnight in Paris (one of my favorite movies!). We had a wonderful time together celebrating three years of marriage!

Share your creative anniversary or date night ideas below! :)



My Favorite Things | April

This month's post is coming a little late but I am full into wedding season now! I will be blogging weddings and engagements coming up soon, but for now here are my favorite things for April.

Favorite Swimwear: Romper from Target

Summer is almost here and I am in love with this swimsuit! It feels very retro to me and offers great coverage as well. I can't wait to wear it this summer!

Favorite Gadget: Instax Mini

Guys. You need to get this now. I got one for my birthday and it is awesome! It is so lightweight and not very expensive. It is easy to use with just a few light settings and there's just something about instantly getting your photo that makes you feel happy. I can't wait to take mine on vacation and document the trip with it!

Favorite Book: The Maze Runner Series

I flew through all three of these books. If you're a fan of Hunger Games or the Divergent series, then you'll like these too! They kept me guessing the whole time and were a fun read.

Favorite Funny: Lip Sync Battle with John Krasinski & Anna Kendrick

Last week's episode of Lip Sync Battle was hilarious. It looks like so much fun! Watch this clip for some laughs :)

Favorite Home Find: Hanging Copper Planter

I've really been liking everything copper lately. And if I was a plant person, this planter from Urban Outfitters would be hanging from my adorable little sun room (that I don't have).



My Favorite Things | March

Call the Midwife

I'm pretty sure I was meant to live in England. But that's besides the point. I started watching Call the Midwife (a BBC show currently on netflix) and I love it! It has all the warm sentiments of a good British show. If you like Downton Abbey, I think you'll like this show too!


This was book 7 on my booklist for this year. I ended up getting it for 99 cents on Kindle (WIN) and read through it in 1 week. This book was just what I needed in this season of life. Shauna Niequist shares a collection of stories from a year in her life and relates them beautifully to grace, life, and God. It's high up on my recommendation list!

This Entire House

I've already told you I'm obsessed with the show FIxer Upper. Well last week they did this house that was Mid Century Modern and I fell in love. You can see the photo gallery of the house here: Fixer Upper: Mid Century Home

Migrate-est Hits Portable Speaker

I was on Modcloth and stumbled across this adorable portable speaker! I've been looking for a cute little speaker that I could have around the house and just plug my iPhone into to play music. I think this may be the one.

Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman is my all time favorite artist. I got to go to one of his solo concerts a week ago. It was the best concert I've ever been to! On top of that I got to take a group photo with him and shook his hand. I think I said something like "Thanks for being here tonight. I love your music". I have no idea if he said anything back because my brain was all like "JON FOREMAN JUST SHOOK MY HAND". It was a great weekend where I got to cross 2 things off my bucket list. Anyway, he is putting out new solo music this year! I got to hear a few new ones at his concert and they were GREAT. Keep a lookout for his new stuff.



My Favorite Things | February

Favorite TV Show: Fixer Upper

I'm watching every single episode of this show. Fixer Upper follows Chip and Joanna Gaines as they help people find an old, outdated, or falling apart home and completely fix it up for them. Every renovation looks amazing and beautiful but another reason I love the show so much is because of Chip and Joanna. They are SO funny. They work so well together as a husband and wife team, always respecting each other but having fun! I'm thinking I might have to move to Waco, TX to have them fix up a home for me.

Favorite Book: Someday, Someday Maybe

This month, my favorite book is Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book by Lauren Graham. It definitely met my expectations! The story follows a young girl trying to make it in the acting world and mixes Lauren Graham's real life experiences with her humor and imagination. It was such an entertaining and funny read. I definitely recommend it! 

Favorite Store: Rifle Paper Co.

I would buy everything from Rifle Paper Co. if I could. The floral design is so pretty on every product in the store. I ordered adorable coasters from here a few months ago and I love them! To add to my excitement, Rifle Paper Co. teamed up with Paper Crown (Lauren Conrad's clothing company) to produce a new spring line and I CANT WAIT. I better start saving my money now.

Favorite Dessert: Boom Boom Biscoff Cupcake

Cupcake Delirium has the BEST cupcakes I have ever tasted. They are moist, creamy morsels of goodness. My favorite cupcake is the Boom Boom Biscoff which is a vanilla cupcake mixed with Biscoff cookie filling and then topped with creamy biscoff icing and a cookie. MMMMM. Seriously. Go there NOW.

Favorite Home Item: Threshold Pewter Bins

I was at Target the other day looking for some storage bins when I came across these lovelies. These pewter bins with copper handles fit exactly the look I was going for! They are sturdy and a have a few different sizes to choose from. I got a couple for my photography room and I just might have to go back and get a few more.

Tell me your current favorite things in the comments below!



My Favorite Things | January

I thought for 2015, I would start a new post every month of my favorite things! So here's my picks for January!

Favorite Book: The Silkworm

The Silkworm is the sequel to The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert GIlbraith (aka JK Rowling). If you haven’t read The Cuckoo’s Calling yet, do it! It’s a great mystery/crime story that kept me hooked the whole time. The sequel, The Silkworm, was just as good!

Favorite Home Design: Kitchen

Right now, I am loving the simple, clean look with a mix of mid-century modern and vintage chic. I would love a kitchen like this!

Favorite Fashion: Lauren Conrad from Kohls

I’m pretty sure Lauren Conrad’s clothing line at Kohls was designed just for me. I always want to buy every single thing of hers in the store! Her line is a mix of classic and vintage that is so lovely. 

Favorite Movie on Redbox: Magic in the Moonlight

I’d rate this romantic comedy from Woody Allen an 8 on my movie scale. It stars Colin Firth and Emma Stone (which who doesn’t love Emma Stone? She’s adorable!). It is set in 1920s France (another favorite of mine) and is charmingly witty.

Favorite Dishes: Food Network Fontinella Set

When I went home for Christmas, I noticed my parents had new dishes and I LOVED them. These dishes feature a raised, dot design and a scalloped edge. They come in 7 different colors and can be found at Kohls!

What are your favorite things right now?



My Favorite Fall Things

Fall is my favorite season! The leaves changing and crunching under your feet, the smell of apples and cinnamon, sweater weather, and fun fall activities! These are just a few of my favorite fall things.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. The yummiest of all fall treats! I found this recipe on Pinterest and they are the moistest, tastiest pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had!


You’ve Got Mail. There’s just something about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together that put me in the fall mood. This classic film is one of my favorite movies and I love watching it snuggled up with a mug of hot chocolate.


Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Speaking of hot chocolate, Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is scrumptious! It is my number one order during fall.


Painting Pumpkins. There are a lot of fall activities I enjoy but painting pumpkins is so fun for date night! Most places have mini pumpkins that are the cutest and easiest to paint. Here are some my hubby and I painted the other night!


Jon Foreman’s EP Fall.  When I need music to put me in the fall mood, Jon Foreman’s Fall EP is what I turn on. I’ve always loved Switchfoot and when Jon Foreman came out with his seasonal EP’s, I could not contain my excitement! Although a few years old, it still make me feel all fall-y inside.

jon foreman.jpg

What are some of your favorite fall things? :)



A Trip to Biltmore {Asheville}

For our 1st year anniversary, my hubby and I made a trip to Biltmore in Asheville, NC! I had been there once before, but only for the afternoon. This time we stayed overnight and were able to visit a lot more of the grounds! We arrived Saturday afternoon at our hotel and then had dinner in Antler Village, which is on the property of Biltmore but about 3 miles away from the actual house. On Sunday, we were able to walk all around the gardens and grounds of the estate and ate lunch at The Stables right next to the house. Then, we spent the whole afternoon walking through the house with our audio tours- it was so interesting (especially since we've watched Downton Abbey and it seems so similar)! Enjoy some photos I took of our little trip :)



These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Anyone else singing that in their head right now? Good! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things on the blog today!

On My Playlist: One Republic's New Album (Native)

I am LOVING their new album! I keep listening to the whole thing over and over on Spotify.


On My Shopping List: Rifle Paper Co. iPhone Case

How cute are these!? I want all of them for my new iPhone!


In My Tummy: Chipotle

I've recently become obsessed with Chipotle's steak tacos (with cheese and sour cream). The seasoning on that steak is HEAVEN.


On My TV: Homeland

My hubby and I just finished season 1 of this show. SO good if you like intriguing, thriller drama!


At The Movies: Despicable Me 2

Not going to lie. I saw this movie strictly for the minions and it was so worth it!


Well that concludes my first favorite things post! I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to let me know some of your favorite things in the comments! :)