I instantly felt connected to Lauren and Jeff when I met them at Amelies for coffee. They are the kind of people who you can tell right away care about the people around them and each other. Friend after friend toasted them and the people they are at their beautiful wedding at Anne Springs Dairy Barn. Besides the fact that Lauren and Jeff are fantastic and adorable, they included so many things that made this wedding perfectly fit who they are. Lauren's dress along with the bridesmaid dresses looked like something straight out of a watercolor painting. And the flowers! They went perfectly with the dresses. (Don't get me started on her flower crown. I die over flower crowns). Jeff's grandpa collected german steins and recently he passed away. Lauren and Jeff gave every guest a stein as one of their favors. I loved this personal and sweet touch! Their other favor was a bottle of special wedding wine. To finish off a magical day, we shot sunset photos that might be some of my favorite this year. Scroll through and see the magic for yourself!

Cake | A friend

Dress | WTOO Agatha (secondhand from Craigslist)

Florist | Studio Flowers

Hair & Makeup | Powder & Pin

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