I’ve seen and heard about some great wedding exit ideas that I wanted to share with you! These are my favorites ones that are a little more unique and fun.

1. Confetti Cannons

Confetti has been used in weddings before but I’ve only been to one wedding where they used confetti cannons! These were so much fun at the end of their ceremony and gave a much better effect than guests throwing it. You can find confetti cannons at places like Party City or Amazon.

2. Balloons

There are two ways you can use balloons for your exit.

1. You can use helium filled balloons and release them. You could even do this at night using white balloons!

2. You can have your guests blow up balloons but not ties the ends and then let them go and fly all around. This is what one of my couples did for their exit last year and it was so fun!


3. Paper Airplanes

I’m partial to this exit as my husband and I used it for our wedding. I made tons of paper airplanes out of scrapbook paper that matched my colors and feel of the day and then all our guests threw them in the air above us as we ran out.

4. Maple Tree “Helicopters”

I love, love, love this idea! If you’re having a woodsy, outdoor wedding then this one is for you. Maple trees have leaves/seeds that fall in the fall season. They come down like spinning helicopter wings. They fall so gently and are just lovely!

5. Kazoos

This idea is so fun! Buy kazoos (I personally like the simple white ones) from Amazon or Walmart and personalize them with tags that say “Make a joyful noise!”. Then, you can have your guests blow the kazoos as you run through.

6. Pom-poms

One of my couples from this year used pom-poms for their exit and it was so unique. It fit the couple perfectly and the best part was the guests could pick a color that went with their favorite sports team and use it in the future!

7. Sparklers

A lot of couples use sparklers for their exits these days, but I still LOVE them. I especially love them when my couples do things a little differently with them. One of my couples grouped everyone around them in a semi-circle and we got so many great pictures of everyone cheering them on while they were the center of attention!

No matter what exit you choose for your wedding, pick one that fits your day and means something special to you!

What fun and unique wedding exits have you seen or used?