I am back with a whole new list of processional songs for 2016! If you haven't seen my other processional song lists, you can view them here: 15 Best Unique Processional Songs

And here: 10 More Unique Processional Songs

A few things to note for those who haven't read my previous posts on this. If you don’t know about me and crescendos, well we have a love affair. I’m convinced its the perfect time for the bride to enter. I also am a big believer in choosing ONE song for your bridesmaids and you to enter in to and not two separate ones. The flow and build up of one song creates much more emotion. And lastly, as always, listen to these songs the whole way through to really get the full effect! 

1. Ratatouille Main Theme- Michael Giacchino. I am in love with anything Michael Giacchino composes, (who knew a movie about a rat cooking could give you the feels?) so of course I had to include one of his songs on the list. It has a Parisian, vintage movie feel and there is a crescendo at 1:02 that would be amazing for your entrance. 

2. Story of My Life - The Piano Guys. They’re back again for my 2016 list (3 times)! Pretty much any other song list I make includes The Piano Guys. They are like the masters at crescendos and instrumental music. This song has 2 crescendos, one at 2:28 and one at 3:31.

3. The Mission/How Great Thou Art- The Piano Guys. I didn’t know I could love this hymn more than I did already but I do! The Piano Guys did it again. This version has a sophisticated and formal feel to it that would be wonderful for a more traditional wedding. There is a small crescendo at 2:00.

4. Jurassic Park Theme- The Piano Guys. Again guys, who knew a movie about dinosaurs could have a gorgeous soundtrack? This Piano Guys version is so lovely and keeps true to the original. I personally think movie soundtracks are the best at evoking emotion and beauty! A great crescendo starting around 2:20-2:40!

5. Better Together- Us the Duo. I found this version of Jack Johnson’s song and just fell in love with it! It has a little bit of a different feel and would make for an adorable, happy entrance at your wedding.

6. Can’t Help Falling in Love- Hailey Reinhart. I have Ingrid Michaelson’s version of this song on my Reception song list here: Best Reception Special Dance Songs. But I really love Hailey Reinhart’s version too! It’s a classic, slow love song if you want a softer entrance at your wedding.

7. Beauty & the Beast- Emile Pandolfi. Who doesn’t love Disney??! This version of a classic Disney song is the perfect whimsical touch to a fairytale wedding. (He has a whole album of these songs by the way! Beauty and the Beast is just my favorite)

8. Pure Imagination- Emile Pandolfi. Emile Landolfi is on the list again with this beautiful rendition of Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka. The piano makes my heart just melt to pieces. If you want a bit of classical whimsy, then this is your song. There is even a crescendo at 2:48!

9. My Heart Will Go On- Emile Pandolfi. My husband will love this one on the list since Titanic is his all time favorite movie! Piano really makes everything better. The melody is still there but is wrapped in gorgeous piano scales that give it a more elegant feel. 3:06 starts the crescendo you’ve been waiting for.

10. Grow Old With Me - Tom Odell. For a faster pace processional (Or even try this one as a recessional!), use this one. Definitely for a more non-traditional wedding, but I love it!

11. Question - Old 97s. Another sweet, quirky tune that I can picture at an outdoor wedding. 

12. Boat Song- JJ Heller. I always like to include non-traditional sounding songs on this list. This one has a wonderful waltzy (yes I made that word up) feel to it. It’s perfect for a cute little backyard wedding! 

13. Giving Up - Ingrid Michaelson. This is another quirky, cute song that I just had to include for this year’s list. It has the perfect slow rhythm for walking down the aisle and I can see the bride coming in around 3:11 towards the end of the song.

14. North- Sleeping at Last. My friend introduced me to this song and it quickly became one of my favorites. Perfect for a slower, emotional entrance.

15. First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes. Last but not least, another fun upbeat song to enter your wedding to! 

Well that's it for 2016's list! Feel free to comment below with what song you used for your own wedding!